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Orgain protein shakes

Here lately I’ve been looking for protein shakes after my mid-day run. Breakfast is always easy: gym then cereal with yogurt and fruit; however lunch is different. I’m ALWAYS on the run. I received a sample of Orgain and I’m … Continue reading

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Weight loss

It is simple…eat a little less than you burn…exercise a little bit more.  I’ve been seeing a lot of Facebook posts here lately about quick and easy weight loss. There is no secrect and surely no quick and easy magic … Continue reading

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Quick fixes

Who doesn’t love a quick fix? But the reality is quick fixes don’t exist. Recently I’ve had a lot of patients coming in asking which thermogenics work to burn fat. They don’t. They just increase your core temperature.  Did you … Continue reading

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Diet brownies? Is it too good to be true? 

Well yes. Especially if you don’t read directions. This will be added to my list of Pinterest fails.  I saw a picture similar to this one.     So naturally I didn’t read directions and assumed I would need the … Continue reading

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Digging some Brussels sprouts

I’m digging Brussels sprouts right now! I’ve never been a huge fan, but I thought I’d try again. I wasn’t disappointed! They were delicious!!! Yum yum:) out of the whole package, this is all that is left. I’m thinking I … Continue reading

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This has been a huge day of treats for me. Finals are approaching fast and caffeine is calling my name (usually from the coffee pot) very loudly. Today, or tonight rather, I decided to multitask with my coffee and combine … Continue reading

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