Omega 3s

I’m not a huge fan of chia seeds but came across this yogurt at the store last week.  

I actually bought it for my middle kiddo because he loves blood oranges, but he didn’t want it. It’s very tasty, sweet, full of protein and omega 3s, and pretty satisfying. The flavor isn’t overwhelming but very delicious. 

So, if you’re looking to mix up your yogurt and throw some omegas around, try it out! 

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The road to veganism

im not a huge fan of meat even though it offers a plethora of vitamins and minerals that are good for our bodies. You can get most everything from plants. 

Our little guy is now 8 months and my husband wasn’t very happy that I didn’t want to eat meat during the pregnancy. So, we compromised and I ate meat once a day. I’ve done this throughout the pregnancy and the duration of my breastfeeding which is still going. I’m happy with my decision and plan to go vegetarian and eventually vegan. Although the hubby isn’t happy with it he’s supportive. He and my kiddos still eat meat daily and that’s ok with me. It’s their decision. My 4.5 year old asked why we have to kill animals to eat yesterday and I took the opportunity to talk about different diets and how we can choose to eat meat or choose not to. He knows where his food comes from and I’m happy. 

My dinner today consisted of a hummus, grilled pineapple, and kale sandwich while the kiddos and hubby had BBQ beef and pork.  

The kids may see the hubby’s meaty diet and follow, but they also see mine full of vegetables!

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Baby food prep 

I saw a post on Facebook about freezing little pieces of puréed baby food to help with self feeding. Well, it works! Below I have puréed peas, curtesy of my ninja and steamer. 

I took a baby spoon and dropped little morsels of peas on parchment paper and then popped them into the freezer. It’s also really easy to transfer these into a jar and keep in the freezer u till you’re ready to use. 

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Weight loss while breastfeeding 

many patients come in post baby because they can’t lose weight. Some even take drastic measures to get to the weight they want.  However, there is no need to. Embrace breastfeeding and being able to eat a little bit more to keep your supply up. You can burn up to an extra 500 calories a day by breastfeeding. This doesn’t mean that you can eat tons of calories…just eat a bit more to continue breastfeeding. If you’re trying to cut some calories to promote weight loss while nursing consume no less than 1500 calories a day or your supply may suffer.  Don’t forget to continue your prenatal vitamins, calcium supplements, and some omega-3s. 
Another weight to get some calories burning is by doing physical activity. I love doing things that involve the kiddos like running, hiking, and walking 🙂

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Opadipity! I’m very impressed with this yogurt dip. It’s creamy and a bit spicy. I’ve tried with tortillas, crackers, veggies, and even as a salad dressing. It’s a bit pricy ($3+) for 12 oz and is found in the produce refrigerated section. The only downside for me (and probably not for others) is that it contains eggs. I’m not a huge egg fan but you can’t taste them in the dip. 

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Weight loss

It is simple…eat a little less than you burn…exercise a little bit more. 

I’ve been seeing a lot of Facebook posts here lately about quick and easy weight loss. There is no secrect and surely no quick and easy magic fix. Eat sensibly and get moving.  It doesn’t cost any more money than what you’re spending now, perhaps even less. 

We usually overestimate how much we exercise and underestimate how much we eat. Start tracking your diet (via sparkpeople or myfitnesspal) and analyze your lifestyle. If you’re honest and make some adjustments you’ll see results. 

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Silk almond creamer

I wanted to try something different in lieu of my normal coffee creamer so I picked up a container of silk.  

It’s not bad at all. It definitely doesn’t change the color of my coffee like my normal creamer so I need to remember to not add until the color is just right. I was hoping it had a little bit of protein but nope. Regular cow’s milk or soy milk would be a better option for protein, but I’ll enjoy my creamer while I’m drinking my coffee! 

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Working out with kids

It can be rather difficult especially with young children. Working around nap times and getting a sitter if you can or going to a gym with childcare. Just when you get into a routine nap times change!  So what do you do? Make adjustments. Perhaps you dust off the jogging stroller and take the kids with you. If you have older kids they can ride their bikes while you run. You can also do some activity that the family can do together. 

You still have to work around the same issues but your body and your health will thank you. Keep your health a priority and your children will see how important it is too. 

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Nutrition Conference

im sitting at a nutrition conference realizing that the world if food as we know it is changing but in a good way. Food supplement programs, tons of research on satiety and hydration, and online grocery shopping. Wow! It’s going to be a good conference and I’m sure I’ll have tons of things to post about in the near future. 

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Years ago my hubby and I went to Johnny Carinos and had a skilletini dish that was wonderful. However, 3 kids later and we’re not visiting sit down restaurants much. So off to the kitchen I go!

This is probably one of my favorite dishes to make because it is so easy. 

Cut up some chicken, cook in a pan, add bell pepper and onions, along with a few fresh mushrooms, and toss in some pepperoni and Italian seasonings. Sauté it for a while then add marinera sauce .  

While that’s simmering in the skillet cook up some pasta. 

Combine all and sprinkle with a bit of Parmesan cheese and you’ve a tasty meal. 🙂

Quick, easy, lots of protein and vegetables!

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