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Cinnamon scones

The recipe calls it a biscuit but it’s sweet so I call it a scone. Needless to say…it’s delicious.  I’m trying to get more use out of my mixer so I’m making more yummy dishes.  Before baking…    After the … Continue reading

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We have potatoes!!!

What to do with those yucky potatoes that are sprouting in your pantry and are too yucky to eat? Plant them! I’m extremely picky when it. Ones to food…I don’t like wrinkly or soft potatoes but sometimes we go through … Continue reading

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Diet brownies? Is it too good to be true? 

Well yes. Especially if you don’t read directions. This will be added to my list of Pinterest fails.  I saw a picture similar to this one.     So naturally I didn’t read directions and assumed I would need the … Continue reading

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Boudin kolaches???

Buccee’s…what are you doing to me? The family and I went on a short road trip yesterday and of course we had to stop for gas. Buccee’ sis the place to go for cheap gas but not cheap food. We … Continue reading

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Sometimes you just need a little something to keep you going. I came across this in my email and I just love it.     It can sometimes be hard to talk us into doing something, especially when our heart isn’t … Continue reading

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Strawberry and blackberry bread 

mmmmmm so delicious! I found this recipe online and I just had to try it. Like most other recipes I use, I had to make substitutions.  The recipe is actually Strawberry bread but I used 1 cup strawberries and 1 cup blackberries, … Continue reading

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