Stop drinking your calories!

My husband, his sister, her husband and I have entered a weight loss challenge. Our form of biggest loser if you will. I won’t be joining until after I deliver our bundle of joy, but I’m still excited.

The other three participants are weighing themselves weekly and my husband actually gained a couple of pounds. He was quite unsure how this happened, so we went over his diet. He has been watching his portions and consuming more salads this week, but he’s also been drinking more hot chocolate due to the cold weather along with sweet tea.

I explained that his drinks have a lot of calories and I was surprised he didn’t think of this himself. I suggested (not for the first time) to cut back on his calorie laden beverages!!! Hopefully he will and he’ll see the weight loss come a little bit faster.

How many other have dismissed their beverages? How many have reduced their calorie beverages and noticed weight loss?

About healthyfitsam

I'm a wife and a mother of three who is trying to "green" up our house and help us become healthier individuals. I have my bachelors and masters in nutrition, am a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Sports Science Dietitian. My kids are into sports and all things ‘boy’. I love sharing my knowledge with others about little things I find out, so stay tuned.
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