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Weight loss

I’ve had a few patients this week question their efforts at weight loss. One individual ate once a day and was convinced it was working. However, this individual was overweight and hadn’t seen the scale move in some time. I … Continue reading

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Cookie contest!

Our department Christmas party decided to have a cookie contest and since I am obsessed with kitchen appliances and loving trying out new recipes I entered. What better way to enter a Christmas cookie contest than by making Christmas themed … Continue reading

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Not so fried okra

The hubby and I have gained a few pounds here lately (him from excess soda consumption, me from pregnancy) and we both LOVE fried okra. However, it can be high in calories. Solution? Bake it 🙂 I bought a package … Continue reading

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Pumpkin cookies and Black Friday shopping!

The hubby and I started making our Christmas list over a month ago and I told him I wanted a kitchenaid mixer. Shortly thereafter Costco was having a special and although the hubby wanted to buy it, it wasn’t that … Continue reading

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