Welcome back oats!

The family and I headed to our local warehouse store and stocked up on a few things.

20120116-192846.jpgWe only went for two items, bacon and tissues, but came out with a whole basket full. Most importantly we restocked my oatmeal supply! Of course that’s what I had for breakfast this morning. I resorted to a staple of no sugar added oatmeal (oats + peanut butter + banana). Delicious!

The little one decided he wanted cottage cheese this morning, so pretty soon I’ll be heading to the store to restock that too.

I’m a bit of a cottage cheese snob and really prefer Daisy cottage cheese, but if it isn’t available I’ll get the local HEB brand. Anybody else a brand snob on certain food items?


About healthyfitsam

I'm a wife and a mother of two who is trying to "green" up our house and help us become healthier individuals. I'm working on my bachelors in nutrition and then it is off to become a Registered Dietitian. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it is approaching fast! I love sharing my knowledge with others about little things I find out, so stay tuned.
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