Bets are off!

A few months ago, the hubby and I made a bet…one that neither was willing to break.  We both wanted to give up sodas of all kinds, so we made it interesting. If I caved, he would get a new paintball gun, but if he caved he’d have to watch the kiddos for two nights a week while I worked out.  We had a good run of 74 days, but then we  had soda!  We both had the stomach bug and I was hopeful, thinking that sprite would calm the yuckiness. It didn’t.  So we called the bet off, but are ready to start it back up again.  We’re trying to decide if the stakes will rise even higher this time, or remain the same.



We all know the dangers of sodas, whether it be diet or regular, so I found a few articles online that are helping me to say no to sodas.

About healthyfitsam

I'm a wife and a mother of three who is trying to "green" up our house and help us become healthier individuals. I have my bachelors and masters in nutrition, am a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Sports Science Dietitian. My kids are into sports and all things ‘boy’. I love sharing my knowledge with others about little things I find out, so stay tuned.
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