Just Quit

I have had a love affair with artificial sweeteners in the past.  That sweet sweet taste for low to no calories was just wonderful! I never associated how I felt with the junk that I was drinking until a few years ago. Since then I’ve been trying to quit. Ahh, Diet Coke how I have loved them. When I was done with you it was on to Diet Dr. Pepper and Sweet N Low.  Ahhhh, but no more.

I feel horrible during and after consumption of anything artificially sweetened.  Here lately I have been doing good, well until a few days ago. I let myself have a diet coke and the rest was history. I immediately had a headache, and my body started hurting. Yes, all this could have been due to something else, there are thousands of variables that come into play. However, I’m choosing to believe that it was because of the artificial sweeteners. I felt great when I was just drinking water and green tea. Why did I start back up again?

Well, now I’m 100% sure that I can’t just let myself have one. Not one sip, one gulp, one cup, nothing. Adios fake sugar! I’ve realized I have to go cold turkey. I can’t cut back on one type of artificial sweetener, because I’ll just drink more of another. 
Bring on the caffeine withdrawals, I’m ready.  Bring on the great feeling I get from drinking water, I’m so ready for that to. I know that I’ll be a healthier and happier person for it!

Another thing I’m quiting…being lazy! Yep 🙂 My shins are feeling great thanks to my new Reebok Zig Zag shoes and I’m really looking forward to doing another day of P90X tomorrow.

New shoes!

About healthyfitsam

I'm a wife and a mother of three who is trying to "green" up our house and help us become healthier individuals. I have my bachelors and masters in nutrition, am a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Sports Science Dietitian. My kids are into sports and all things ‘boy’. I love sharing my knowledge with others about little things I find out, so stay tuned.
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2 Responses to Just Quit

  1. sara says:

    And you look so cute in them..

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